Issues and Solutions on the Bruce Peninsula

Land Use Planning

The Bruce County Official Plan and the Local Official Plan for Tobermory, Lion's Head and Ferndale and the Municipal Comprehensive Zoning By-law are the documents used on the Northern Bruce Peninsula to guide all types of development. These documents should be updated through a defined public process about every five years to enable them to remain useful and relevant to current needs. In addition to these documents the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act and the Niagara Escarpment Planare applied to the designated area on the east side of the Peninsula. This Act generally is reviewed about every ten years by a provincial process and such a review has recently been completed.

The current Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw was established in 2002. When a draft update of the Municipal Zoning By-law and a Local Official Plan update was brought to Council about four years ago there was some public objection mostly regarding to the representation of an Environmental Hazard designation along lake shore properties and some of those bordering on wetlands. As a result the municipality engaged  in a public consultation which guided in the creation of new mapping and guidelines to follow to better define and locate natural hazards.

That process can be reviewed at the municipal website...

An updated new draft by-law is ready and while it may not have changed substantially from the 2002 version it is by nature a comprehensive document. Council recognizes that even a small change could have an effect on one's development plans. Planners and staff have been available to assist a ratepayer in understanding the impact if any on their particular properties. Changes are being made to the draft to reflect community needs and expectations and in response to comments received from property owners. Pending the outcome of the statutory public meeting being held on September 25 the final draft will come to the council for consideration on October 10.