The Draft Zoning By-Law

There has been lots of response to the new Draft Zoning By-law.
The response by municipal Council will be to allow more time for constructive discussion about some new mapping.

I will post some of the concerns to this blog as discussion on the issues take place over the next few months.

"Environmental Hazard"  
Wave Up-rush"

An email message to all of Council..

"Dear Mayor,Deputy Mayor and Councillors. I wish to express my opposition to this draft bylaw Z-33-13.66 that proposes the rezoning of waterfront properties in Tobermory from the North Point beacon around Wireless Bay to the Harbour Master's office. Our family has been seasonal residents in this area for 26 years and during that time we have come to know many neighbours, business owners ... that dwell within this area. Everyone I know in this area appreciates the pristine environment of our waterfronts and we ALL are very conscious of and vigilent to protect these waterfronts from any environmental hazards. Therefore I feel that any proposed rezoning of this area is unnecessary. It is my hope that at your meeting on Monday September 23rd you will reject Z-33-13.66. Thank you. Mark"  from London, ON reply

Hi Mark,
At tomorrow's council meeting a recommendation will be made to keep the present mapping in force until the Municipality adopts new natural environment and natural heritage mapping. Your appreciation of the quality of your shoreland is a value that has received careful consideration in the existing official plan. With your attention and support we will continue to seek its protection and assure that development takes place where appropriate in the new by-law.
I believe that the "Hazard" that applies to your property is the perceived "wave up-rush" and its impact on construction near the shoreline. This effect varies of course depending on location.
Here is a video that was taken approximately 10 kilometers east of Tobermory on October 30 of last year during Hurricane Sandy.  Thankfully the wind was from the north.
Thanks for writing,
Tom Boyle

Some high waves down the shore at Rush Cove, Barrow Bay

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