Wetlands and Planning

The municipal council has been informed that "locally significant wetlands" may be removed from the Bruce County Official Plan. In the short term this reaction by County Council should have neither a positive nor negative effect on development or on wetland protection on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. With these green areas removed from the map the the "hazard" designation will be undefined in future zoning by-laws. This area will include the developed northern shoreline and a limited amount of other areas where wetland evaluation has taken place. They may become know as areas of former significance as other significant areas are evaluated. In any event this should be of help to the future Council in the passage of the revised by-law.


Some other Ontario municipalities follow a different path.

Best Practice Guide to Natural Heritage Systems from Ontario Nature



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I hope you are able to open these links. I still suspect that removing local significant wetland areas from the County Official Plan may have negative economic impacts on the Northern Bruce Peninsula, assuming the major industry is tourism and assuming the reason for that tourism is our scenery. Comments?

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Presently these areas are not protected from filling or draining by the Official Plan nor is there a municipal site alteration by-law. It is hard to compute the economic value of a change in the OP. Wetlands never were protected for their scenic landscape values and are often referred to as "hazards". 

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